The »Náplavka« Broadwalk

In less then 5 minute walk from the hotel, you can reach the Rašín Embankment (commonly called Náplavka) - the most attractive, the most valued and socially the most vibrant area on the river banks in central Prague. The embankment boardwalk is a continuous area between the Jirásek Bridge near Žofín and the Vyšehrad rock spur at Výtoň. The embankment area is part of the historical New Town and is directly tied to important public areas at this location. Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Hradčany panorama, frequently sought after by tourists. On a long-term basis, the Rašín embankment boardwalk offers such activities as: boat cruises, countless floating Café, bars and restaurants or Tajemství, the boat where you can see a theatre performance. On Saturdays during daytime hours, there is also the popular Farm Grocery Market.